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15 Adult Jokes In Kids’ Movies And Shows That Escaped Us At The Time

For decades, film and television screenwriters have included dark and crude humor in their work without it receiving much attention. Take a look at some of the weirdest adult jokes in kids’ movies and shows that writers have quietly managed to sneak in.

The spectacular Spider-Man

Jokes for adults in children’s films

Shortly after Spider-Man threw his web at Black Cat’s hand, in a very flirtatious tone, she warned Spidey, “You better not get your mud in my hair.”

The road to EI Dorado

Jokes for adults in children’s films

One scene shows Chel and Tulio presumably having sex off camera, but it pops up from his waist.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Jokes for adults in children’s films

The poor little balloon complains that it doesn’t have the ability or the strength to inflate itself. Gumball comes to his rescue and sucks him off in a bathroom.


Jokes for adults in children’s films

There is a small advertisement listed for rabbits in zootopia which reads “Be fixed” Sounds like multiplying is a first world problem in Judy’s world.


There is a scene where Lord Farquaad is on a date with himself and is sitting shirtless under his sheets. He asks the mirror, which is visibly disgusted, to show him even women he likes. Farquad’s quick peek under his sheets implied that he was excited.


When two female Mazda cars rush towards Lightning McQueen, they tell him they’re his biggest fans and show him their pop-up headlights. They were literally flashing it.


When Jakko asks Dot to look for fingerprints, she ends up looking for popstar Prince.

Toy Story 3

If you connect the dots and observe carefully, the film seems to be about the Holocaust. Toy abuse in daycare is an analogy to concentration camps. I wonder what makes evil bear?

looney tunes

In the 1995 episode “Carrotblanca”, Bugs tricks Yosemite Sam into locking himself in a prison. What they cleverly slipped in here was a prison rape joke.

The New Adventures of Batman

In one of the episodes, Harley Quinn asks the Joker, “Won’t you spin your Harley? Vrooom, vroum!” What she is talking about here is not a motorcycle. However, Mistah J is not interested in the ride.

The Flintstones

When Fred and Barney go to the costume shop, Fred jokes to Barney that if he wants to look taller, what he needs is another head. Barney responds, “Why do I need three of them?”

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

If you watch the end credits of the film, you can see that the Marauder’s Map, which shows the footprints of everyone in the school, has attracted two people doing shady deals.

Ralph’s Wrecks

Fatality Mortal Kombat is now kid-friendly, it seems.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Is it pole dancing? The all-male audience is sent into a frenzy when Esmeralda grabs a spear and uses it for a bodacious dance. Frollo is so excited he’s ready to burn town for it.


There’s a scene where SpongeBob was watching porn and got caught by Gary. When Gary walked into the room where SpongeBob was watching TV, he panicked and changed the channel.

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