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14 kids movies on Netflix that are entertaining enough for adults to enjoy too

Anyone who has Netflix knows that the streaming service seemingly has endless categories of movies and TV shows. And, conveniently, one of them is a “Kids & Family” category. That way parents (or babysitters or family members or whoever) can find movies that are great to watch with their kids. But what if you want a kids’ movie on Netflix that’s also entertaining for an adult? You don’t need to suffer or be bored just because you have to watch with a little.

Or maybe you just love kids movies. Or maybe you’re going through a tough time in your life and need something light. Or maybe you went to see a horror movie and you need to calm down before going to sleep. There are plenty of reasons to want to watch a kids movie and there are a few entertaining and even thought-provoking ones just waiting to be released.

From an Oscar-winning movie that will make anyone cry to a Disney classic to a science flick starring Oprah, here are 14 movies to try streaming on Netflix the next time you’re with a kid or the next time you just need to escape adulthood for 90 minutes.

1. coconut

coconut is about a young boy, Miguel, who travels to the land of the dead and must find his way back to his family, including his grandmother, Coco. It won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and the scene where Miguel and Coco sing together will win your tears — all of them.

2. Mulane

This 1998 Disney film based on a Chinese legend is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it to get nostalgic or to prepare for next year’s live-action remake.

3. Coraline

Another animated film, Coraline is about a young girl who travels to another dimension. Coraline is extremely scary, so kids who are too small for its spooky plot might not like it.

4. A shortcut in time

A shortcut in timebased on the book of the same name by Madeleine L’Engle, deals with another one young girl who travels to another dimension. She tries to find her missing astrophysicist father.

5. Balto

Yes, Balto is an animated movie about a sled dog, so maybe it doesn’t sound too entertaining for adults. But there’s also a history lesson in there, because Balto was a real dog, who actually helped save people by collecting diphtheria medicine.

6. Incredibles 2

Almost everyone loves The Incredibles — it has a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes — but the original movie isn’t on Netflix right now. Incredibles 2, which has 94% – not too shabby! – is on the site.

seven. Mowgli

This version of the classic The jungle Book The tale is much darker than both the animated movie and the 2016 live-action remake. Any squeamish kids should skip this one, but the differences and new additions to the story should keep adults entertained.

8. Little woman

The 1994 version of Little woman is appropriate for children and will allow adults to take a walk down memory lane with its star-studded cast. Watch now before the new version of Greta Gerwig is released this Christmas.

9. Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Film Collection

We’re all just a bunch of millennials with short attention spans, right? Wrong! But if you’re feeling particularly evasive, why not check out the collection of Disney shorts on Netflix.

ten. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars movies are for everyone. And The Last Jediwhich is the only episodic Star Wars movie currently on Netflix, is listed under the “Kids & Family” banner.

11. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Storywhich is about a young Han Solo, can also be found in the “Children & Family” section.

12. The boy who harnessed the wind

This Netflix Original, based on the true story by William Kamkwamba, is about a boy who builds a wind turbine that helps his village in Malawi grow crops.

13. The dark crystal

The dark crystal, directed by Frank Oz and Jim Henson and starring their famous puppeteer, is about an alien who must search for… a crystal. A series of Netflix Original sequels, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, comes to the site at the end of August.

14. Ralph breaks the internet

Following Ralph’s Wrecks, Ralph breaks the internet follows the two main characters from the original as they head into the wild world of the web. Expect plenty of internet pranks that kids won’t fully understand, but also plenty of sight gags and puns that kids will totally understand.

Now, if you’re looking for someone very scary and grown-up after all that — or to watch before one of those kids movies — there’s plenty on the service, too.