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14 heartbreaking moments from children’s films

Throughout history, children’s films have included scenes that test the limits of what children can. . . and SHOULD. . . be asked to manage emotionally. Here are 14 clear examples:

1. “The Iron Giant” (1999): The iron giant sacrifices himself to save a city from a nuclear attack.

(Spoiler alert: he comes back at the end.)

2. “The Stone Dragon” (2016): From the start of the film, Pete is lost in the forest and terrified, after his parents die in a car accident.

3. ” AND “ (1982): ET says goodbye to Elliott with his line “I’ll be there”. (Personally, Young Me was much more traumatized by ET’s “death scene”… although it turned out he wasn’t really dead.)

4. “Toy Story 3” (2010): Toys hold hands and come to terms with the fact that they are about to be melted down in a landfill incinerator. Of course, they survive which leads to # 5. . .

5. “Toy Story 3” (2010): Andy gives his toys and says goodbye as he leaves for college. (While heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time, I have always found this ending to be totally unrealistic.)

(What would have happened is Andy would have gone to eBay and seen what those toys were worth… Especially Woody and his clan..

6. “Upside down” (2015): Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong the Pink Elephant realizes she no longer needs him and sacrifices herself.

7. “The never-ending story”: (1984): Artax, Atreyu’s horse, slowly sinks into the Marshes of Sadness. (Sorry for the alliteration. And also, it comes back at the end.)

8. “Transformers: the movie” (1986): Kill Optimus Prime? How dare they ???

9. “The last unicorn” (1982): Molly finally realizes her lifelong wish to meet a unicorn. . . long after life has beaten her in despair.

ten. “The earth before time” (1988): Littlefoot almost gets eaten by a T-Rex, then sees his friends die in an earthquake and has to watch his mother slowly die.

11. “Up” (2009): Watch Carl’s devastation when his wife Ellie dies.

12. “Old Town Crier” (1957): Travis must put his beloved dog down after contracting rabies.

13. “Bambi” (1942): The death of Bambi’s mother. Obvi.

14. “The Lion King” (1994): Simba watches his father die. . . then tries in vain to wake him up.


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