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12 great kids movies you can watch on FORMED (for free!)

Kids can learn about faith from great role models, while you have some time to yourself!

Perhaps the best way for kids to learn is to engage in a good story, and these movies certainly live up to it. Each short film tells the story of a famous saint. Not only will children learn faith, but they will also gain lasting role models.

These films can all be viewed on FORM. FORMED is a beloved resource for many Catholics, with thousands of movies, programs, audios and books available for on-demand streaming, and fortunately for all of us right now its content is free for 40 days in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Note: All of these films, with the exception of #12 (Brother Francis), are recommended for children over the age of 6, as many saints suffered severe suffering and persecution which may disturb young viewers.

1Francis: The Knight of Assisi

A brave knight, a ferocious wolf and many other exciting characters make this movie unforgettable. Hopefully the children will be inspired to take on St. Francis’ mission to “rebuild the Church” through holiness and service to others.

2Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa Claus

The real St. Nicholas survived intense persecution and many years in prison for his faith. His story is even more inspiring than the legends of Santa Claus that have sprung up since his death.

3Bernadette: The Princess of Lourdes

Saint Bernadette faced much mockery and disbelief when she first shared her apparitions of Our Lady, but over time the whole Church was convinced of the truth of her visions. Children can learn about this brave young girl and also get closer to Our Lady.

4Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle

Saint Patrick is still loved and revered around the world more than 1,550 years after his death. This film introduces children to this heroic man and invites them to join in his mission of evangelization.

5Francis Xavier and the lost samurai treasure

From his academic friendship with Saint Ignatius of Loyola to his years of missionary work in Asia, this film captures the highlights of a daring and adventurous life. The example of Saint Francis Xavier can inspire the next generation of young Catholics.

6Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a beloved patroness to so many, and the story of her appearances to Saint Juan Diego is captured here in a child-friendly format.

7The day the sun danced

Lucia and her cousins ​​St. Jacinta and St. Francisco were harshly criticized when they first told people about their visions of Our Lady at Fatima, but their courage and perseverance are an example for children around the world.

8The story of Saint Augustine

Perhaps the most famous conversion of all time, the story of Saint Augustine’s life is timeless and resonates with people around the world. Children can now discover the extraordinary story of this brilliant theologian.

9The story of Saint Perpetua

The calm confidence with which the brave Saint Perpetua faced her cruel martyrdom is an encouragement for all of us to be steadfast in the face of trials. His example is one to which your children can call for strength.

tenThe story of Saint Patrick

Another St. Patrick’s movie, but its story is so compelling it’s worth telling again. This version is aimed at a slightly older audience.

11Mother Teresa: Seeing the face of Jesus

Sharing Mother Teresa’s story with your children is especially meaningful because most of us parents remember her during her lifetime. This incredible modern-day saint is a hero to generations of Catholics, and your kids will love learning about her life, too.

12The Brother Francis collection

For the little ones, turn on these sweet and thoughtful episodes in which a friendly monk, Brother François, explains different parts of our faith, such as the Rosary, Baptism and Mass. Watching this show is a great way to get younger Catholics engaged and interested in practicing the faith!

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