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10 most heartbreaking moments in children’s movies

The best films are those which fill the audience with emotions; happiness, laughter, anger and, of course, sadness. Sadness is just as important as happiness, which is why some of the best movies ever made are the ones that make people cry. Even in a giant comic book movie like Avengers: Endgame, crying at certain events made the film more impactful.

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It’s the same with children’s movies: sure they might be for kids but the best are the ones that can hook adults too. They do so in particular with scenes worthy of tears that have ended up breaking the hearts of entire generations.

ten Abandon Todd – The Fox And The Dog

The Widow Tweed leaving Todd behind in The Fox And The Hound

Widow Tweed takes her fox Todd into the woods; to prevent Amos Slade from chasing him, she leaves Todd behind as she drives home in her car. Meanwhile, Todd gazes in confusion at the widow as she fades from sight, resulting in a drastic change in tone for The fox and the hunting dog.

It’s difficult for both people involved: Tweed doesn’t want to give up the one piece of family she has. But it is for his own protection so it breaks his heart despite the fact that it is for the greater good. Todd, on the other hand, experiences the equivalent of being abandoned by his own mother.

9 The death of Anty – Honey, I shrunk the children

Children mourn the loss of Anty in Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

In the fantastic Honey, I cut down on the kidsAt first, Anty was just a way for children to quickly navigate their way through the jungle-like yard. However, Anty eventually bonded with them and became a loyal pet.

When a scorpion attacks, Anty defends his new friends but ends up paying the price with a blow from the scorpion’s tail. As a result, he slowly dies from his injury, leaving the group of children to cry from the loss. Ron Thompson cries the most alongside the public.


8 Superman – The Iron Giant

The Giant sacrificing himself in The Iron Giant

The iron giant is often called one of the most underrated animated films ever made, and for good reason. The titular Iron Giant is a lovable character who has been misunderstood by humans, especially Agent Kent Mansley. Mansley ends up firing a missile to kill the giant but would end up killing everyone in town.

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So Giant makes the ultimate sacrifice by saying goodbye to his friend Hogarth before flying into orbit. He may have come here as a weapon, but now he’s becoming what he chooses to be. He quietly says “Superman” before the missile destroys him, saving the people. While the ending shows Giant eventually lives on, this scene still broke many hearts in early viewings.

7 Riley lets out – Upside down

It’s obvious that Pixar is no stranger to breaking people’s hearts, but Upside down was the one who used it as a moral. That sadness and crying are a healthy part of being human, especially while growing up. Upside down shows that suppressing emotions is unhealthy; being honest with parents is the best thing to do.

Riley finally submits to her sadness is one of the smartest and most realistic approaches to a child’s frustrations. Most viewers probably encountered similar problems as children and found it difficult to express themselves; this relatability is the reason why many parents and children cried with her.

6 Drowning of Artax – The Neverending Story

Atreyu tries to save Artax in The Neverending Story

On his journey to stop the Nothing in The never-ending story, Atreyu crosses the swamp of sadness. He is able to cross without the swamp taking him, but his trusty horse is not so sure. The swamp begins to sink Artax, much to Atreyu’s horror as he does his best to save his horse.

Although it is never shown, Artax sinks until only his head is shown, then goes after as Atreu cries out for his friend. Even Sebastian in the real world ends up crying on this scene as she passes Atreu sitting alone with mud all over him. No one would be blamed if they had to pause the movie for a few minutes.

5 Fall of Mufasa – The Lion King

Simba realizes Mufasa died in The Lion King

Thanks to Scar, Mufasa is trampled by the rush of wildebeest. Young Simba finds Mufasa’s lifeless body and audiences watch the lion equivalent of a young boy facing loss for the first time in his life and it’s his father. He screams for help, he cries, then curls up in sheer devastation.

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It is such a realistic and heartbreaking view of death that it is admirable. The Lion King teach children that their parents are not immortal and that one day they will die. Yes, a difficult but important lesson nonetheless. It’s also a scene that has shattered many children and adults over the years.

4 The Death of Littlefoot’s Mother – The Land Before Time

Littlefoot talks to his mom one last time in The Land Before Time

Disney has nothing to envy Don Bluth who felt the urge to make almost every movie incredibly sad. All of An american tail and All dogs go to heaven are both sad from start to finish. Then there is The land before time which looks like a fun adventure featuring dinosaurs.

Of course, Don Bluth devastated the children again by showing Littlefoot’s mother slain by the Tyrannosaurus Rex. contrary to The Lion King, Little Foot sees her mother succumb to her injuries and release her last breath as she speaks her last words.

3 Charlotte’s farewell – Charlotte’s Web

First ants; now the spiders, which are usually the source of fear in Hollywood. Whether it’s the classic animated movie or the live-action remake, Charlotte’s death is one that scares everyone. Many expect not to be sad about a spider, but since Charlotte was such a loving and loyal friend, it hurts more.

Charlotte has spent so long helping Wilbur the Pig and turned him into a celebrity so he couldn’t be butchered. However, a spider’s life is not long so in the end Charlotte dies leaving Wilbur with her babies. While Charlotte’s death is inherently sad, it’s Wilbur’s reaction that justifies some tissue.

2 See you soon, partner – Toy Story 3

Andy, Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 3

The one who practically filled theaters with buckets of tears. In an astonishing use of happiness and sadness, Toy story 3 shows Andy dropping off his toys to adorable new girl Bonnie. Before leaving for college, he has one last date with his toys, including Woody and Buzz, before giving them to Bonnie.

It’s beautifully done as the toys can finally play with Andy again and despite their frozen faces their joy is still expressed. Bonnie and Andy’s joy is also adorable to watch, but when Andy says goodbye forever, it’s a sad but perfect ending to the Andy era of Toy Story that many grew up with. Especially with Woody’s now famous quote: “Goodbye, partner. “

1 Baby Mine – Dumbo

Dumbo mourns over his mother in Dumbo original and remake

Dumbo’s mother is considered a deranged elephant, so she’s locked up, ready to be transferred. So Dumbo sneaks in to share at least one last night with his mom while the song Baby to me play on it. The use of music and the lack of dialogue help convey so much emotion from Ms. Jumbo and Dumbo.

In the Tim Burton remake, it’s technically even sadder as Dumbo actually watches Jumbo get kidnapped before yelling and chasing the truck.

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