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10 Most Embarrassing Kids Movies Made By Big Action Stars

While there are certain traits and qualities, like strength and fearlessness, that make some actors true action heroes in the genre, those traits are sometimes useful in other movie roles as well.

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Some action stars have a unique relationship with family movies. Unfortunately, it’s not always the best direction and has left embarrassing flicks on the resumes of more than a few action stars.

ten Chuck Norris played his role in The Karate Kid Rip-Off, Sidekicks

1992 Acolytes starred Jonathan Brandis as an imaginative young martial arts student who was obsessed with action star Chuck Norris, leading to a series of fantasy worlds where he accompanied Norris as his sidekick.

While Norris finally showed up for real to help compete in a Karate Kid-like a tournament against his former rivals, the fantasy version of the character featured some truly embarrassing moments, which means a lot when talking about the star of Walker, Texas Ranger.

9 Hulk Hogan took care of kids who set traps in Mr. Nanny

Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan tried to break into movies with a few sports movies, like Rocky III and Without taboo, before acting in family films like suburban commando and the always embarrassing Mr. Nanny in 1993.

A former wrestler turned bodyguard takes on his life’s work when he becomes nanny to two rambunctious children who are the masterminds of traps. The film rose to fame through commercials featuring Hulk Hogan (in a pink tutu) who attempted to distance the film from similar films like Alone at home.

8 Bruce Willis starred in The Terrible North, but did better with the kid

Although he’s starred in a number of action movies over the years, Bruce Willis will always be better known as the action movie’s John McClane. die hard franchise, although he also had a few family films with varying success.

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Willis starred in a number of different roles opposite Elijah Wood in 1994 North, which saw the titular young boy fend for himself while receiving advice from Willis’ various bad characters in what has been called one of the worst movies ever made. Willis did a little better with Disney the child in 2000 where he met a younger version of himself.

seven The Rock Ditched Action for movies like The Game Plan and The Tooth Fairy

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seemed poised and ready to take on a new role as an action movie star after appearing in 2003 The summarywhere none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently handed him the reins of Hollywood.

However, he chose to make a name for himself outside of acting with a number of family roles in films like the 2007 one. The game planalthough the worst of the bunch is undoubtedly the 2010s The little smilewhere Johnson plays an evil professional hockey player who transforms into a real tooth fairy in order to learn a lesson.

6 Vin Diesel spoofed his own action movie roles with The Pacifier

While it doesn’t make much sense in hindsight to track big appearances in movies like Saving Private Ryan, field blackand The fast and the furious with safe and child-friendly films like those from 2005 the pacifistVin Diesel did just that when he starred in the box office bombshell.

Diesel played a Navy SEAL tasked with protecting a family of five children while uncovering the secrets of their father’s latest mission. The film attempted to parody Vin Diesel’s villainous image by turning him into a babysitter, though it failed badly and became a lasting embarrassment for everyone involved.

Director Robert Rodriguez created the hit spy on kids franchise, which first hit theaters in 2001 and has seen quite a few celebrity cameos over the years, including the recurring appearance of Danny Trejo in a family version of his violent and gory Machete character.

Action star Sylvester Stallone, who is known for franchises like Rocky, Rambo and The Expendablesalso appeared in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over as the villain known as The Toymaker, though he arguably has more embarrassing roles in movies like On top andJudge Dred.

4 Jackie Chan used high-tech gadgets in The Spy Next Door

While Jackie Chan has become known over his long career for his martial arts skills as well as his risky stunts and fight choreography, he has calmed down a bit for The spy next door (2010), which saw him using high-tech gadgets instead of his usual physique.

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Chan plays a retired Chinese/CIA intelligence agent who uses his gadgets to bond with his potential new family before being targeted by an international terrorist out for revenge. Although it had much of the typical humor one would expect from a Jackie Chan film, it did not fare well with children or adults when it was released.

3 Dolph Lundgren starred in The Forgettable Kindergarten Cop 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t exempt from the typical switch to kid-friendly movies when he did comedy kindergarten cop in 1990, though it turned out to be a nostalgic hit that started a new wave of comedy films for the action star.

However, Dolph Lundgren could not find the same success after a long career in action films like Rocky IV, universal soldier, and The Expendables when he starred in the 2016 sequel Kindergarten Cop 2 alongside Bill Bellamy, which was released straight to video as an embarrassing sequel and entered Lundgren’s filmography.

2 John Cena had to babysit children saved by playing with fire

A number of wrestlers have turned to movies after superstar careers, including John Cena who developed a career in comedy after a number of lackluster WWE-produced action movies like Marine and 12 rounds.

Cena played the superintendent of a wildland fire station who rescues a group of young children from a cabin and are forced to look after them until the parents arrive. The kids take over the station with some slapstick hijinks that don’t get too much of a laugh.

1 Dave Bautista Trained A Budding Secret Agent In My Spy

After a breakthrough role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one of guardians of the galaxy and other action movies like Blade Runner 2049Dave Bautista starred in his own kid-friendly game in 2020 called my spy it might have been better not to see him.

my spy features Bautista as a rookie CIA agent whose undercover assignment is blown away by the young girl in the family he observes, who then blackmails him into being her friend and trains her as a secret agent during that he gets closer to his mother in the Amazon Original.

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