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10 More Kids’ Movies That Should Be Rated R, According To Reddit

Writer-director James Gunn has always voiced his ideas on Twitter, and after writing the two 2000s live-action scooby-doo movies, he pondered the possibility of an R-rated Scooby-Doo 3. While that seemed unlikely, it didn’t stop users from imagining what absurd things could happen and what would be possible with the series. with an R rating.

In response to the idea, Redditors have some ideas for R-rated versions of their own kids movies. They’re exceptionally inventive, and it’s a mix of movies that exist and sequels that Redditors want, just like Scooby-Doo 3. Between what could be a historical war epic, a Kevin McCallister in full Jigsaw, and a more unwelcoming chocolate factory, Reddit is full of ideas.


ten Mulan (1998)

nick rashell wanna see an R-rated Mulane, noting, “That would actually be amazing.” While the live action Mulane remake might have been exactly that, or at least pushed the limits of a PG-13, it failed to deliver a gripping and devastating take on the 1998 original. A massive battle could easily make for a stunning and graphically violent war epic.

However, some actually exist. There have been several live-action Chinese Mulan films, some of them excessively violent, including those from 2009. Mulan: legendary warrior. But even another animated remake could be just as epic and graphic, maybe even more. It would be almost like the very violent Studio Ghibli movie Princess Mononokeand it would be such a brave and daring movie.

9 Home Alone (1990)

Where an R-rated Mulane could be brave and its violence bold, Alone at home would be the exact opposite. This user think Alone at home It would be much better if it was rated R, but in all honesty if the movie came out today it would definitely be slapped with an R rating. The simple sadistic act of throwing bricks at the wet bandits and everyone else violent acts would never get the MPAA through 2022.

However, an R-rated Home Alone movie could play on Kevin being a manipulative sadist, and that would be closer to Seen than the sweet 1990 original. The festive 1990 flick could use its R rating to up its comedic violence to a whole new level. It would be like a Sam Raimi movie in the sense that it would be a horror-comedy with outrageously practical, violent comedy.

8 Hercules 2

Hercules is another beloved Disney animated film from the 1990s, but it also deviates from the character’s original mythos. There was no other way around it, like Hercules the story is pitch black and there’s no way it’s appropriate content for a Disney movie. But Reginal_Fabia think the myth would make a great sequel to the 1997 film.

The Redditor posits, “Not a remake, but a sequel to the Disney version of Hercules. After marrying Megara, Hercules goes mad and kills her and their children, just like in the original mythos.” The original movie is getting the live-action remake treatment from Disney, and none other than Guy Ritchie is directing it. As Ritchie has a filmography full of British gangster films, it would be great to make a darkly comedic adaptation of the source material. But, sadly, it won’t stray too far from the animated film, much like the other live-action remakes.

seven Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is one of the most magical children’s films of all time, and between the inventive chocolate and candy, the eccentric chocolatier and the Oompa Loompas, the film is absolutely fantastic. But this user wants to ruin the innocent children’s movie with an R-rated version.

The Redditor comments, “Imagine what terrible things could happen to factory visitors with an R-rated remake. Behind closed (and locked) doors.” In all fairness, the original film was already dark, as the boat ride was truly terrifying and Wonka ruined several children’s lives forever. And there’s enough for other creators to have been darkly influenced by the film. In FuturamaFry visits the Slurm Factory where he discovers the disturbing way to create Slurm behind closed doors.

6 Batman: The Mask of Phantasm (1993)

Batman: The Animated Series is beloved among 90s kids, and is the spin-off movie, Batman: The Mask of Fantasy. Most fans think it’s the best animated Batman movie, and many would go further and say it’s the best. Batman movie even taking live-action movies into account. But SYLOH is not completely satisfied with the surprisingly moving and exciting animated film, and they think it would be better if it was rated R.

The Redditor argues, “It would improve the movie if the Phantasm were to kill people with blades rather than kill everyone.” The movie could have shown that, as one of the criticisms of the movie is that the Phantasm, while looking cool, doesn’t pose as much of a threat. But that would hardly have made it R-rated. Given that The Batman showed the Riddler beating the mayor of Gotham to death with a blunt object and still managed to be PG-13, Reddit user must want to see the Phantasm do something really disturbing for this R.

5 Monsters Inc. (2001)

Niarem22 wants to see an R-rated version of the classic Pixar movie Monsters Inc., noting, “That would be one hell of a horror movie.” Although there are so many monster movies, few feature children as victims, which is essentially the premise of the 2001 family film. The idea of ​​Sully entering a child’s room in a movie R-rated horror movie is terrifying, and it would be amazing.

Not only that, but since the movie’s gates allow monsters to cross dimensions, it might as well be a raunchy comedy a la Everything everywhere all at once too, and that way he could at least keep Monsters Inc. humor.

4 The Neverending Story (1984)

Heiferwolfe think The never-ending story would make a great R-rated movie, and they even have a director’s choice for film noir. The Redditor adds: “As directed by Guillermo del Toro.” del Toro is one of the greatest visionary directors working today, and a The never-ending story remake would suit him perfectly, because he’s so good at telling dark fairy tales and creating amazing practical creature designs.

The filmmaker is even already hard at work on a dark remake of the children’s film, Pinocchio. However, this film proves that a realized del Toro Never ending Story can be dark, weird, and potentially stunning without being rated R, as Pinocchio will most likely be rated PG-13 at most. But one Pan’s Labyrinth-style Never ending Story would undoubtedly be spectacular.

3 The Land Before Time (1988)

Andresalejandro1120 want to see The land before time get the R-rated treatment. The Redditor notes, “I love comparing the aesthetic of the original to the sequels. Everything is so bright and cheerful in the sequels, but when you look at the original, everything is dark and dreary.” However, it’s almost like the user wants to see the sequels get the treatment more than the original movie.

Whether jurassic park and its sequels may be PG-13 even though it shows a T-rex and other dinosaurs eating whole humans it would take a lot to The land before time be rated R. This is especially the case given that there are no humans in the film and it’s just dinosaur vs. dinosaur battles. But there’s no doubt that any of the 13 sequels would be better if it were more in keeping with the tone of the original film.

2 Little Soldiers (1998)

toy soldiers is a forgotten gem of the 90s, as it is essentially a more violent version of toy story. The film sees a toy brand with advanced microprocessors come to life, and a toy group of military soldiers and monsters are entangled in a war with each other. The film is dark enough already, as it sees the toys torturing each other and humans, and they even brainwash a group of Barbie dolls into expendable frontliners. But Lazer TRex think that’s not enough.

The Redditor comments: “There are also some scary bits, the soldiers torturing the gorgons, the barbies attacking Kirsten Dunst, etc. This could probably be made into a pretty decent action movie for adults.” It’s a good pitch, and it could work. But the idea has likely already been explored by the studio given that a reboot has been in development hell for years. According loopera reboot was underway at Fox before the studio was acquired by Disney.

1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

DisposableLazaretto think an R-rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie could be great and more in keeping with the source material. The Redditor explains, “If anything for kids has to be rated R, it’s TMNT. Technically speaking, the very first incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was fully grown.”

Many fans would say alongside the Reddit user that no TMNT The film should have been aimed at children in the first place, as the comic book’s target age was much older than mainstream audiences would expect. Comics have more in common with The boys that Superman. And many would kill to see the TMNT it’s more accurate of the source material.

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