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10 Best Kids Movies Of The 1980s, According To Ranker

The 1980s was a decade of flashing neon lights, interesting fashion trends, and great hairstyles. But above all, it was a good time to be a cinephile. Several films released in the 1980s enjoyed substantial success, largely due to their ability to appeal to children and adults alike.

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It used to be that big-budget movies were largely reserved for telling mature stories that wouldn’t appeal to younger audiences, but these films helped turn the tide. The fans at private soldier narrowed down their favorite classics until the top 10 stood out from the rest.

ten Honey, I reduced the children

Honey, I reduced the children

Long before Ant-Man adapted the Avengers to the big screen, Honey, I reduced the children captured the public’s imagination of what the world would look like from a different perspective.

Unwittingly shrunk by their father’s prototype shrink ray, four siblings must work together to overcome a variety of challenges to return home and grow back to normal size. From giant bugs to getting eaten out of a bowl of cereal, there’s no shortage of danger on this family adventure.

9 AND the extra-terrestrial

AND the Extra Terrestrial bike scene

When a peaceful alien accidentally finds himself stranded on Earth, it’s up to a young boy named Elliott to deal with him. After experimenting with human activities like watching a John Wayne movie and reading a comic book, the creature dubs itself “ET” and exhibits its array of abilities, including telekinesis and quick healing powers.

Unfortunately, being on Earth has made ET fall ill, and with the U.S. government hot on their heels, Elliott must pull out all the stops to save his alien friend. This heartwarming story proves that the power of friendship still prevails and has inspired many sci-fi movies since its release.


8 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

As the first entry into the IndianaJones series, The Raiders of the Lost Ark burst onto the screens in 1981 and was an instant hit. Indiana Jones repeatedly escapes peril as he searches for lost treasure in adventures straight out of a child’s wildest dreams.

The Raiders of the Lost ArkThe success of would go on to earn three more entries into the IndianaJones franchise, with an unnamed fourth entry currently slated for 2023. Few characters were as charismatic and easy to root for as Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones in the 1980s, as his performance spawned an entire genre of movie-inspired films.

seven The Karate Kid

Referee in Karate Kid

Carl Douglas put it best when he sang “Everybody Was Fighting Kung Fu”. In the 1980s, almost every child wanted to be like Daniel from The Karate Kid. Daniel’s journey finally allows him to stand up to his bullies, so it’s easy to see why this would be an engaging topic for kids.

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Mr. Miyagi also happens to be the type of mentor figure most people would want in their lives, as his lessons teach Daniel how to be a strong yet responsible and patient person. Daniel’s eventual triumph in the final of the All Valley Karate Championship is certainly one of the most memorable cinematic moments of the 1980s.

6 Gremlins

Spike next to a fountain in the conclusion of Gremlins

Although the toy line was the most memorable by-product of the Gremlins franchise, the movie was just as great. Despite being told not to expose the mogwai to bright light, water, or food after midnight, this effort proves just as futile as trying to get children to follow most instructions.

Gremlins Successfully balances the horror aspect of these creatures while making the movie light and fun. The contrast between the cute and likeable Gizmo and his terrifying, crime-driving Gremlin parents creates an interesting dynamic that cements this film as a classic.

5 The princess to be married

Westley and Buttercup look at each other romantically

Few films have stood the test of time as well as The princess to be married, as it still remains hugely popular over 30 years later, although no sequel was released to continue the story. With the perfect blend of adventure and hilarity, it’s easy to see how the film has developed a cult following.

The princess to be married reinforces the importance of loyalty and delivers a strong message in addition to a great story. Its cast of intriguing characters never fails to delight in the delivery of their lines, culminating in Inigo Montoya’s famous battle against Count Rugen.

4 support me

Adapted from the story by Stephen King The body, by Rob Reiner support me was a big hit and marks his second straight entry as a director on this list. When news of a dead teenager near their fictional town of Castle Rock in Oregon spreads, four boys embark on a journey to see if the body is really there.

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On the way to their morbid destination, the boys learn as much about each other as they do about themselves. Although they may not have remained close friends forever, Gordie learns⁠—as most people do⁠—that he will never have friends again like he had when he was 12. .

3 ghost hunters

1984 ghost hunters was a great concoction that had all the ingredients for an instant classic. The catchy theme song, the charismatic group of scientists as protagonists, and the iconic ghouls and ghosts all serve to create a memorable experience.

The supernatural nature of the film makes it a must-have family experience every Halloween, while stars like Bill Murray and Rick Moranis provide the comic relief that makes ghost hunters‘review almost unlimited value.

2 The Goonies

A group of childhood friends embarking on a grand adventure is certainly not a new concept, but perhaps no film better captures the magical feeling that accompanies their mission than The Goonies.

This film bridges the ages as the boys are forced to withstand both the modern threat of a real estate development company as well as the ancient dangers on their way to a forgotten pirate’s treasure. Mikey, Mouth, Data, and Chunk together make a hilarious foursome as they work together to defeat the Fratellis ⁠—including the misunderstood but lovable sloth.

1 Back to the future

Doc Brown and Marty staring at the camera in shock

When it comes to understanding the laws of time travel, many people would cite Back to the future and Doc Brown’s Rules. When thrown into the past, Marty McFly must somehow make sure his parents meet and fall in love or he himself would cease to exist.

This movie introduced a lot of complicated concepts in an easy to digest way and provided a thoughtful yet very entertaining story. Back to the futureThe success of would help launch two more films in the series and establish the franchise as one of the most defining films of the ’80s decade.

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