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10 Best Kids Movies From The Early 2000s, According To Ranker

Over the past few decades, creating children’s films has proven to be a true art form, as creators strive to create stories and characters that children and adults alike can enjoy. One of the best decades in formulating such films was the 2000s, when several iconic children’s films touched audiences of all ages.

In an era so heavily influenced by nostalgia, many children’s films from the 2000s to 2010s have remained staples of modern culture. As a result, more than 21,000 users on private soldier published a ranking of the 10 best children’s films of the early 2000s.


ten Shrek 2

Shrek in human form hugging Fiona in Shrek 2

Shrek 2 is the faithful sequel to the original 2001 film, both of which remain beloved films to this day. This 2004 comedy, available to stream on Peacock, follows Shrek, Fiona and Donkey as they travel to the kingdom of Far, Far Away to find Fiona’s long-lost parents.

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Shrek 2 was the rare sequel that not only did its predecessor justice, but actually improved on its premise, introducing audiences to a much bigger and more intriguing world than was previously presented. The second film in the series introduced several characters who would become franchise staples, most notably in Antonio Banderas’ Puss in Boots, which itself received two spin-off films.

9 At the top

Dug, Carl and Russell in Pixar's Up

At the top is one of the most beloved animated films in Pixar’s impressive catalog of animated films, which follows the adventures of a grumpy widower and a horny young wilderness explorer in the magnificent cliffs of South America in a houseboat. This 2009 classic can be found streaming on Disney+.

At the top has remained in public debate for over a decade, primarily due to its emotionally impactful opening ten minutes, which are often considered one of the best openings in a children’s film ever, telling the story of Carl and Ellie’s married life start to end in minutes. While the rest of the movie is entertaining, it never quite gets past its opening sequence.

8 Ratatouille

Linguini and Remy smile at each other in Ratatouille's new loft

Ratatouille is the unique story of a rat who loves to cook. Teaming up with the long-lost son of one of the world’s greatest chefs, Remy the Rat realizes his dream at a restaurant in the heart of Paris. This 2007 Pixar classic is available on the Disney+ streaming service.

This animated classic is beloved for several reasons, including introducing one of the best Disney friendships of all time between Remy and Linguini. Its quirky but adorable premise has never been replicated, making it a unique film for all ages.

7 Night at the museum

Night at the museum

In 2006, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and a host of other iconic actors and actresses worked together to create one of the most imaginative film franchises of all time: Night at the museum. While all three films in the franchise are beloved, the original still stands out above the rest in terms of originality and comedy, all of which can be re-watched on Disney+.

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Night at the museum combines the comedic styles of Ben Stiller with an intriguing premise that features museum exhibits that come to life while retaining the memories and emotions of the historical figures they represent. This truly unique premise became highly regarded, spawning two sequels, the last of which would act as the final film outing for late comedy legend Robin Williams.

6 The Incredibles

The Incredibles poster

The Incredibles is Pixar’s prolific take on the superhero genre, first released in 2004. The film follows the Parr family, a group of superpowered individuals, as they uncover a plot to wipe out all the supers in the world. world. The film was an instant classic, finally receiving a sequel in 2018, nearly fifteen years after the original was released.

The Parrs are a truly incredible family of superheroes, whose superpowers are eclipsed only by their humanity. Many consider this film not only one of the greatest children’s films ever made, but also one of the greatest superhero films, comparing it to Marvel’s Fantastic Four, which are notoriously underwhelming in each of their movie appearances so far. Even more than a decade after its release, The Incredibles perfectly redefines an oversaturated genre.

5 Ice Age

The main characters of a poster for Ice Age: The Meltdown

Ice Age is the crown jewel of Blue Sky Studios, which is launching a franchise consisting of four sequels and a spin-off, with yet another film in the works, this time under the Disney banner. The original film, available on Disney+, follows the story of a woolly mammoth and his other animal friends as they care for a human baby who has been lost by his tribe.

With an all-star cast including Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Dennis Leary and Jack Black, Ice Age managed to launch a beloved and long-running franchise that was not owned by any of the major animation studios at the time. While Blue Sky Studios was eventually acquired by Disney, Ice Age remains a testament to its time, having overcome the precarious obstacles of the film industry.

4 Madagascar

Alex from Madagascar with a worried expression

The voice talents of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith and David Schwimmer first came together in 2005 with the animated classic Madagascar, which told the story of four New York zoo animals who accidentally ended up on the beaches of the island of Madagascar. The first film in the franchise is available to stream with a premium subscription to Peacock.

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MadagascarThe hilarious characters of were quickly embraced as some of the greatest cartoon characters of all time by the kids of 2005, who especially loved Chris Rock’s Marty the zebra, Ben Stiller’s Alex the lion, and the mysterious penguins, who would go on to receive their own spin-off film in 2014. The Madagascar The franchise may have stagnated in recent years, but Dreamworks executives continue to assure fans that the story isn’t over yet.

3 The world of Nemo

Finding Nemo Pixar spin-off

The world of Nemo is the fifth feature film created by Pixar, following the adventures of a clownfish and his new friend Dory as they search for his son, who has been captured by humans off the coast of Australia. The film was released in 2003, eventually reaching a long-awaited sequel, Finding Doryin 2016. Both films are available with a Disney+ subscription.

This animated classic stands out for its truly heartfelt story, a Pixar brand, and the unforgettable friendship between Marlin and Dory. Certain scenes and lines from this film continue to be quoted on the internet even nearly twenty years after the film was first released in theaters, securing its place in the animation pantheon.

2 Shrek

Euphoria Star Angus Cloud Says Shrek Is His Favorite Romantic Comedy

Shrek is by far Dreamworks Animation’s most successful film franchise. Released in 2001, the film tells the now classic story of an ogre who falls in love with the princess he has been hired to bring in the villainous Lord Farquaad. This film, available on Peacock and Prime Video, received numerous sequels and spin-offs, which are still airing to this day.

More than two decades after his film debut, Shrek remains one of the most popular meme characters of all time, who is perhaps even more popular today than he was back in the day. the height of his franchise. As such, a sequel to the beloved ogre’s story seems inevitable, with Dreamworks racing to bring Shrek and his friends back to the big screen as soon as possible.

1 Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is the fourth of many animated features from Pixar, depicting a world inhabited by monsters who draw their energy from scaring children from the human world. Following best friends Mike and Sully, who befriend a human child, the 2001 film tells a heartwarming story of friendship and unexpected love, which can be relived on Disney+.

The characters of MonstersInc. remains beloved to this day, prompting Pixar’s return to the world of monsters for the 2013 prequel film monster university. Most recently, the legacy of this film franchise was revived in the Disney+ original series. Monsters at work. Even more than twenty years after first meeting Mike, Sully and the gang, fans can’t seem to get enough of the most lovable monsters to ever grace the screen.

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